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The latest updates about IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  1. When CANCEL PROCESS is performed on an EXPORT process, the server might terminate the process without aborting the
  2. Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  3. Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  4. Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  5. Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  6. Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  7. Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  8. Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  9. A performance degradation can be seen during all read or write operations from/to tape when files smaller than the 256 KB tape
  10. The PVU Estimate functionality shows wrong Proc_Model value for all Intel
  11. Error Description:
  12. Running PROTECT STGPOOL with TYPE=LOCAL will result in orphaned database transactions, the associated database connections will
  13. The dsmagent.exe process may crash when performing a high number (more than 254) of Microsoft SQL backups (vss method) via IBM
  14. When a non-root user tries to perform a backup on a Unix/Linux platform the following error can be reported:
  15. An install of the 7.1.4.x and 7.1.6.x Backup-Archive clients for RHEL 5 on zLinux fails library dependencies. These failed
  16. During lanfree session activity, the server can crash with no errors reported in the activity log or dsmserv.err/dsmsvc.err
  17. The SUBFILEBACKUP option is properly recognized and honored by the client when defined in the dsm.opt file. However,
  18. Client self assist - Technical Support Information for IBM Spectrum Protect™ Snapshot (formerly FlashCopy Manager) Administrators
  19. After installing 7.1.0 release, if an AIX system reboot occurs, the following error may happen:
  20. When a VMware guest name is ending with a '.' (period), the 'Backup VM' command will fail at the end of the backup in the

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