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IBM Redbooks
  1. Redbooks, published: Fri, 15 Oct 2021

    This IBM Redbooks publication is Volume 2 of a five-volume series of books entitled The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM Z.

  2. Redpaper, published: Tue, 12 Oct 2021

    This IBM Redpaper publication provides a broad understanding of a new architecture of the IBM Power E1080 (also known as the Power E1080) server that supports IBM AIX, IBM i, and selected distributions of Linux operating systems.

  3. Redbooks, published: Thu, 7 Oct 2021

    This IBM Redbooks publication presents an overview of the IBM Data Virtualization Manager for IBM z/OS offering and the role it plays in accessing traditional non-relational data on IBM Z.

  4. Draft Redbooks, last updated: Wed, 6 Oct 2021

    This IBM Redbooks publication introduces and describes the IBM Elastic Storage Server 3200 (ESS 3200) as a scalable, high-performance data and file management solution.

  5. Redpaper, published: Fri, 1 Oct 2021

    This IBM Redpaper publication describes best practices for deploying and using advanced Cisco NX-OS features to identify, monitor, and protect Fibre Channel (FC) Storage Area Networks (SANs) from problematic devices and media behavior.

  6. Draft Redbooks, last updated: Thu, 30 Sep 2021

    IBM DFSMS and the IBM DS8000 added functionality to provide elements of serverless data movement, and for IBM z/OS to communicate with a storage cloud.

  7. Redbooks, published: Wed, 29 Sep 2021

    This IBM Redbooks publication is a guide to IBM Power Systems Private Cloud with Shared Utility Capacity featuring Power Enterprise Pools (PEP) 2.0.

  8. Draft Redpaper, last updated: Fri, 24 Sep 2021

    This IBM Redpaper publication describes configuration guidelines and best practices when using IBM Spectrum Scale Container Native as storage provider for IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

  9. Draft Redbooks, last updated: Thu, 16 Sep 2021

    One of the primary criteria in judging a storage server is performance, that is, how fast it responds to a read or write request from an application server.

  10. Redpaper, published: Tue, 14 Sep 2021

    This IBM Redpaper chapterexplains how to take a backup of your data by using either of two methods, and it explains how to recover your data if there is a disaster.

  11. Redpaper, published: Mon, 13 Sep 2021

    Having appropriate storage for hosting business-critical data and advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software for deep inspection, detection, and prioritization of threats has become a necessity for any business.

  12. Redbooks, published: Thu, 9 Sep 2021

    This IBM RedpaperRedbooks publication describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM DS8900F family.

  13. Redpaper, published: Wed, 8 Sep 2021

    The IBM DS8000 supports encryption-capable drives.

  14. Redpaper, published: Fri, 3 Sep 2021

    The goal of this IBM Redbooks publication is to demonstrate the ability to perform single click automated deployments of multi-platform applications that include IBM Db2 for z/OS database schema changes by using the capabilities of IBM Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS.

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