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The latest updates about IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  1. Under unique internal circumstances associated with extent reference counts, the MOVE CONTAINER processing of non-dedup
  2. The IBM Spectrum Protect Client records the following error in the dsmerr.log and prompts each time for a password:
  3. When a VM with multiple disks has been backed up using IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments - Data Protection for
  4. If the required parameters in the 'set netappsvm' and 'set password -type=filer' commands were
  5. PROTECT STGPOOL processing to a local container-copy storage pool may exhibit poor performance following a prior local
  6. The IBM Spectrum Protect server can crash when trying to restore data from a cloud container with encryption enabled.
  7. Error Description: The server can report incorrect PVU values using 'select * from
  8. An IBM Spectrum Protect server might start CONTAINER DEFRAGMENTATION/MOVE CONTAINER processes while in maintenance
  9. Use this command to display information about the recovery log.
  10. For device config and volume history files stored on a CIFS share where the IBM Spectrum Protect server's system and the
  11. ANR8213E always occurs while RESTORE DB is running even though it will complete successfully. It can occur only when RESTORE
  12. The PROTECT STGPOOL command to a remote server completes successfully but incorrectly updates the LASTPROTECTLOCAL_DATE
  13. The procedure to add LDAP user to the IBM Spectrum Protect server is successfully completed, however login attempt to the
  14. An IBM Spectrum Protect server start may fail with: ANR0172I rdbdb.c(2573): Error encountered performing action ActivateDatabase. ANR0162W Supplemental database diagnostic information: -1042:SQLSTATE 58004: A system error (that does not necessarily preclude the successful execution of subsequent SQL statements) occurred. :-1042 (SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred. SQLSTATE=58004). ANR0162W Supplemental database diagnostic information: -1:HY000:-1042 ([IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1042C An...
  15. Error Description: During the audit of a library containing drives connected to a NAS filer, the audit may encounter the
  16. Execute command "dsmc set password type=VM" , the command failed with error:
  17. Using automatic deployment to upgrade Windows B/A clients fails. Error messages similar to the following can be seen in setup.log
  18. Under certain conditions, in dsmBeginGetData(), the IBM Spectrum Protect API client may request an invalid
  19. The DEFINE STGRULE with "ACTIONTYPE=AUDIT" and DELAY=(number) will define successfully. The update of this defined stgrule,
  20. Error Description: If replication is run with wild cards, it is possible that nodes that are in a replication mode of receive

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