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The latest updates about IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  1. IBM Spectrum Protect server process may abnormally go down by "Segmentation fault" when CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME with REMOVE=Bulk
  2. Spectrum Protect 7.1.x and 8.1.x servers can crash in 'tbCliMRSearchBounds'.
  3. If there are damaged chunks that do not have a valid copy, REPAIR STGPOOL might report 0 repaired extents, but still ends
  4. The Java GUI for the Backup-Archive client fails to launch after upgrading from BA Client to BA Client 8.1.4.
  5. In rare cases, VM backup of multiple guests in parallel can crash when two different threads attempt to create a lock file
  6. The PVU Estimate functionality shows wrong Proc_Type value for CPUs where ActiveCoreCount and CorePerPackageCount reported by
  7. The PVU Estimate functionality shows wrong Proc_Model value for Intel CPUs where version number has capitalized "V" in BrandName
  8. When the IBM Spectrum Protect GUI client "Help me protect my cluster" wizard is used to configure the /a backup scheduler for
  9. The following message requires a user response in order to be more useful-
  10. ANR8913I message shows an incorrect state of a tape drive when the clean drive command is issued to an empty drive while the
  11. Server documentation update is needed for table "compare storage pool capabilities". Under User goal -> "Protect storage pool
  12. The IBM Spectrum Protect server can crash if there are multiple threads using the same transaction to fetch data from different
  13. A PROTECT STGPOOL operation initiated from a source server running the version of server code (or lower) to a
  14. After the 7.1.8/8.1.2 or higher level of client once established session with the server 7.1.8/8.1.2 or higher level using
  15. The failure of "LABEL LIBVOLUME" command without the option OVERWRITE=YES incorrectly displays completed state as SUCCESS
  16. Problem Description:
  17. IBM Spectrum Protect™ Client APARs fixed in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Version 7.1 client fix pack 8 (7.1.8) and fixed in 7.1.8.x client interim fixes
  18. Under certain circumstances, the Spectrum Protect Server might encounter a container issue overwriting newly ingested chunks in
  19. Spectrum Protect server version 8.1.5 introduced automatic container defragmentation for directory-containers.
  20. IBM Spectrum Protect server may crash with the following call stack:

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