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  1. Error Description:
  2. When the KDB file is corrupted in the BA client, the wrong GSKIT output message is logged.
  3. Replication between a server instance running the or higher version of server code and another server instance
  4. IBM Spectrum Protect™ Client APARs fixed in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Version 7.1 client fix pack 8 (7.1.8) and fixed in 7.1.8.x client interim fixes
  5. Error Description:
  6. IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) Client and IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments is vulnerable to a denial of service caused by incorrect accumulation of TCP/IP sockets in a CLOSE_WAIT state.
  7. IBM Spectrum Protect backup-archive client does not support backup and restore of disks with 4K block size.
  8. If dsmcad sessions are generated outside of the product, which was due to a Port Scanner in this case, then these sessions may
  9. After system restart the /var/run/dsmserv_tsminst1.pid can have a stale dsmserv process id.
  10. Tivoli Storage Managerサーバーが起動せず、以下のメッセージが出力されます。 ANR0186E データベース・マネージャーを開始するのに十分な権限がありません。 ANR0172I rdbdb.c(1298): アクション InstanceStop を実行して、エラーが検出されました。 ANR0162W 補足データベース診断情報: -1092:**No State Information Available (-2)**:-1092 (**No Other Information Available (89)**).  
  11. IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) and IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments allow Triple DES (3DES) ciphers to be used. This can result in the use of weaker than expected cryptographic algorithms.
  12. The server can crash when trying to report ANR8925W message: "ANR8925W   Drive drive name in library library name has not
  13. Per the 8.1.6 info center the Postschedulecmd shows the short form is POSTSC but the Windows examples show POSTS:
  14. Upgrading from BA client to fails if using custom install and selecting client in the customer instllation
  15. Error Description:
  16. Spectrum Protect server version 8.1.6 can crash during 'protect stgpool' with 'type=local'.
  17. Error Description:
  18. The server DB BACKUP process fails with error below if the following conditions are true:
  19. When tracing is enabled, some passwords may be displayed in the IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) Server trace file.
  20. Problem Description:

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