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The latest updates about IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  1. This document contains instructions for downloading the most current fix packs and interim fixes from Fix Central. You can download the IBM Spectrum Protect server and client, IBM Spectrum Protect for SAN, and the Operations Center. The IBM Spectrum Protect for SAN (storage agent) product is packaged with the server.
  2. If I upgrade some of my servers and clients to V8.1.2+ or V7.1.8+, can they still connect to older versions of servers and clients?
  3. A Spectrum Protect server crashes when the CONVERT STGPOOL command is used to convert a storage pool which contains
  4. Running the IBM Spectrum Protect server on the same Windows a system as IBM Spectrum Protect Client may result in server
  5. Attempting no-query restores (NQR) via the storage agent (LANfree) from a storage pool of device class DISK may hang
  6. Windows GUI client freezes and generates a crash dump while deleting backup data.
  7. A Spectrum Protect server may run out of active log and hang or crash when trying to expire or delete a large NAS filespace
  8. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client for Windows x64
  9. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client for Windows x86
  10. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client for Linux
  11. The transferred bytes of fragment objects are ignored and not counted into total transferred bytes in the summary report of
  12. The following error occurs: ANR1893E Process x for Database Backup completed with a completion state of FAILURE.
  13. The dismount operation of a Linux VM Restore Point may fails if more than one restore point of the same Linux VM are selected in
  14. The Backup-Archive Client on Solaris platform is incorrectly detecting target LOFS (Loopback File System) directory as a
  15. In environments where different versions of GSKit are installed, the IBM Spectrum Protect Backup/Archive client and API will
  16. Server can report the following message in the dsmserv.err after canceling a BACKUP DB process:
  17. Server can core dump when halted during client deployment processing
  18. When using a cloud storage pool connected to Microsoft Azure, the cloud transfer process can appear to hang when the cloud is
  19. Occurrence of ANR9999D_2513553707 during server startup can cause Spectrum Protect server to Crash
  20. When a client ingest session, storage pool protection session, or node replication session to a container storage pool

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