IBM TSM for Virutal Environments

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments extends capabilities that currently exist in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. 

 Highlights  include:

 Centrally managed data protection for VMware hypervisors

  • Quick and efficient incremental block-level backups utilizing VMware's vStorage APIs for Data Protection and Changed Block Tracking features
  •  Automatic detection of newly created virtual machines to help ensure compliance with a backup policy
  • Capability to offload the backup workload to one or more vStorage backup servers
  • Use of a non-disruptive snapshot at the virtual machine image level to help minimize disruptions to virtual guests
  • Multiple recovery options from a single-pass image-level backup thatcan help with:
          -   Granular file level recoveries
          -   Near-instant volume recoveries
          -   Full virtual machine recoveries
  • Advanced capabilities such as compression and deduplication to help reduce network and storage capacity requirements

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